Advanced Dental Technology—Frisco, CO

Fast, Precise, & Comfortable Care

Dentistry is a constantly evolving field, meaning that technological breakthroughs happen often. Dr. Amedro works hard to keep our practice up to date by investing in the latest, proven instruments, ensuring that when you come to Ten Mile Dental, you can trust that you’re experiencing the very best that modern-day dentistry has to offer. To learn more about some of the ways we’ll make your appointments faster and more comfortable than ever, read on below.

iTero Element 5D

dental team member looking at X-ray on computer

The iTero Element 5D is the Swiss-Army knife of dental equipment, as it’s capable of taking 100% digital impressions, capturing intraoral photos, and scanning for cavities. Now, our patients don’t have to bite into a mold filled with dental putty for us to create a model of their bite. Plus, we can show them close-up, high-resolution pictures of their teeth and gums to make appointments much more transparent and easy to understand. And, instead of poking and prodding the teeth to search for cavities, we can just scan them with a special light that helps us detect decay way earlier compared to traditional methods, meaning we can often treat it before a patient even notices it!

Digital X-Rays

digital X-ray of dental implant

A lot can happen beneath the visible surface of your smile, which is why our practice uses X-rays every single day. They allow us to peer below the teeth and gums to find potentially hidden cavities, infections, or even cancer. Rather than relying on slow and dirty film X-rays, we’ve gone completely digital. Our system can capture crystal clear images and develop them in seconds, allowing us to show you your X-rays right away. Plus, the process is much safer for everyone, as it emits 90% less radiation compared to regular X-rays.

Lighthouse 360 Text Communication

woman receiving text reminder of her dental appointment

After you schedule an appointment with us, we’ll regularly email and/or text you (with your approval) with reminders about your upcoming visit so you won’t accidentally forget. You’ll hear from us a few weeks out and a couple of days before so you can easily plan and set aside time. Also, you can ask our team questions through these avenues so you won’t have to spend precious time on the phone.