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Is It Affordable to Replace a Missing Tooth with a Dental Implant?

January 1, 2020

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man smiling with tooth missingHave you been living with a gap in your smile from a missing tooth? If so, then it can create more than an aesthetic issue, as the vacated space can lead to other challenges, like the surrounding teeth shifting and jawbone loss. Thankfully, there is a solution: the placement of an affordable dental implant. To learn why this is your best option and to discover why the cost of a dental implant shouldn’t prevent you from having your smile restored, continue reading!

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a cylinder-shaped titanium post that is surgically inserted into the underlying jawbone. Its primary function is to replace the missing tooth root and act as an anchor to support a porcelain crown, implant-retained bridge or dentures.

The process starts with your dentist making an incision into the gums and then drilling a hole into the bone that allows the implant to be inserted. After the initial placement, it can take, on average, six to nine months for you to heal and for the implant to fuse with the existing bone to create a sound foundation.

Why a Dental Implant is So Beneficial

While there are other ways to replace a missing tooth, the alternatives can only do so above the gum line. An example is a fixed bridge, which requires alterations to the surrounding teeth and relies on dental cement to secure it.

With the insertion of a dental implant, the entire tooth is replaced from the root to the crown, which provides the following advantages:

  • No sliding or shifting
  • Greater chewing capacity
  • A more natural-looking smile
  • Leaves the surrounding teeth fully intact
  • Restored jawbone support to prevent bone loss
  • A restoration that, with proper care, can last 30 years to a lifetime

With all the perks you stand to gain from receiving a dental implant, the only factor that may be holding you back is the cost. You shouldn’t let this deter you, though.

The Affordability of Dental Implants

If you’re wondering how much dental implants cost, the best way to find out is to visit your dentist for an examination. He or she will assess the condition of your oral health, the number of teeth missing and the amount of viable jawbone you have remaining. These factors and other details will determine what the cost of the procedure will be.

Most dental insurance holders won’t cover the cost of dental implant placement. However, in some cases, the addition of the final prosthetic may be partially covered. To know for sure, you should contact your insurer beforehand to get all the pertinent details.

There is a Solution

If benefits aren’t available for the procedure, you shouldn’t be dismayed. Ask your dentist about the possibility of using CareCredit, which is a low-to-no interest financing program designed for situations just like this: where vital dental care is needed, but dental insurance won’t cover the procedure.

The terms are dependent on how extensive your care plan is, with the repayment options typically ranging from 24 to 72 months.

Any amount of time living without a full set of teeth is too long. With help from your implant dentist, you can have a beautiful, functional and affordable new smile in 2020!

About the Author

Dr. Brett Amedro earned his dental degree from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. While there, he was awarded for his excellence in dental implant placement. A member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Dr. Amedro restores smiles with affordable dental implants at Ten Mile Dental. He can be reached for more information through his website.

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