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Dental Implant – Summit County – Frisco – Colorado

January 3, 2015

Do you have a missing or failing tooth?  If so, a dental implant might be a great choice for replacing it.  A dental implant is a titanium screw that replaces the root of your tooth and then a crown is attached to it, so you can chew and smile again.

Dental implants have been around since the 1980’s and have been growing in popularity due to many reasons.  First, they have very high success rates. Secondly, the surgery involved has been simplified.  Third, cost has comparatively gone down.

Dr. Amedro is a general dentist who not only restores dental implants (puts the crown on), but also does the dental implant surgery.  During his residency at the VA Hospital of Denver, he was trained in safe and effective surgical placement of the dental implant.  Many general dentists only restore dental implants, not doing the surgery and requiring you to see someone else for the surgery portion. In Summit County, Dr. Amedro in one of the only general dentists providing dental implant surgery. With Dr. Amedro doing both the surgery and the restoration, the process is simplified for you and treatment is streamlined.

Typical treatment times are 3-7 months, depending on your condition.  If a tooth needs to be removed, Dr. Amedro typically removes the tooth and allows the jaw bone to heal for 3 months. If your tooth is already missing, you can skip this 3 month period.  At 3 months time and after the jaw heals, Dr. Amedro surgically places the dental implant (titanium screw) into the area of the missing tooth.   The dental implant typically takes 3 months to heal. After that, Dr. Amedro will take impressions to make your crown and have it made.  Then we attach the crown to your dental implant.

One question we typically get: How painful is getting a dental implant?  Most patients tell us that the dental implant surgery is not overly painful.  Although everyone is different, the feedback we get is that the discomfort is similar to getting the tooth taken out, or less.  This is most often easily managed with or without pain medications. Once the crown is installed on the dental implant, most people feel a very high sense of gratification and are glad they chose a dental implant.  On back teeth, patients really speak highly of how much better they can chew.  On front teeth, they are excited to have a tooth again that is fixed in place and looks natural.

If your interested, give us a call for a free consult with Dr. Amedro. We are happy to help you regain your smile and chewing ability.

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