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Your Emergency Dentist in Frisco Saves Smiles This Season

October 31, 2017

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woman dental painCan you believe the holidays are right around the corner? It’s many people’s favorite time of year for many reasons. Dinner parties, sweet treats, and the infamous holiday popcorn tins sold at just about any grocery store are just a few things that make a great holiday season.

With so many activities that require you to use your teeth, it’s important to stay prepared for dental emergencies at all times. If your tooth cracked on a popcorn kernel, would you know what to do? Your emergency dentist in Frisco is here to help you.

First, Understand What a Dental Emergency Is.

You can classify any unexpected pain, injury, or trauma that occurs around your mouth or jaw as a dental emergency. Here are some of the most common dental emergencies:

  • Knocked out teeth
  • Chipped, cracked or broken permanent teeth
  • Lost, or broken crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers or fillings
  • Soft tissue injuries to the lips, cheeks, gums or tongue
  • Abscessed teeth
  • Broken or dislocated jaw

Tips from an Emergency Dentist in Summit County

There are a few things that you can do when a dental emergency occurs. Follow these simple steps until you can make it to your local dentist.

Keep the affected area clean at all costs.

When a dental emergency occurs, it’s important to keep the area clean. This helps you to avoid infections and further dental problems down the line.

If you’ve lost or chipped a tooth, hold the cap of the tooth or piece of tooth while running it under warm water to remove debris. It’s also important to leave any attached soft tissues intact with your lost tooth.  Swish warm water to clean the area around the damaged socket. Always try to return the tooth or piece of tooth to the socket it originates from.
If placing it in its original socket is impossible, store your tooth in whole milk. For soft tissue injuries, swish warm, salt water to clean the wound and jump-start blood clotting.

Make sure your blood is clotting.

It’s important to remember that injuries to the face, head, and neck bleed more heavily than anywhere else on the body.

Just because you’re bleeding fast, doesn’t mean that you’ve sustained a life-threatening injury. You can tell the difference after you apply gentle pressure with a cool, damp, sterile cloth.

If this isn’t effective in slowing the blood flow after several minutes, try holding ice to the bleeding area. If you are still unable to slow down your blood flow, you should start heading to your nearest emergency room.

Keep the affected area cold.

Keeping the area cold will help you in two ways:  it can slow down blood flow as well as reduce inflammation. It’s always best to keep a cold compress on the area until you can make it to your nearest dental office.

With so many holiday activities approaching, it’s important to stay prepared for anything—including dental emergencies. Consider adding your local dentist’s phone number to your contacts for quick access to advice and emergency care.

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When dental disaster strikes, stay calm and call your trusted dental team at Ten Mile Dental.  We will do whatever it takes to restore your smile to a natural, beautiful state with a same-day dental appointment.  We will do our best to schedule you a same day appointment!

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