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How Flossing Can Save Your Life

March 4, 2022

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Flossing needs to get a new publicist. After all, brushing is the aspect of the oral care regimen that’s usually in the spotlight. Whether everyone realizes it or not, flossing is very significant in its own right. In fact, regular flossing can even be a lifesaving act. Keep reading to learn from your dentist in Frisco why daily flossing matters so much for your oral health and your future, in general.

What If I Never Floss My Teeth?

You can brush your teeth ’til the cows come home – if you aren’t flossing as part of your oral hygiene routine, you’re just asking for trouble. Food particles will accumulate between your teeth, which causes a sticky buildup of germs and bacteria.

When this film isn’t removed by regular flossing, you can develop bad breath and tooth decay. Also, the bacteria accumulate along and beneath the gumline to eventually cause periodontal disease. And this is only the beginning.

How Can Periodontal Disease Take a Toll on My Body?

Each time you go for a dental checkup, your dentist looks for preliminary stages of gum disease. This is important to identify early on since it is directly linked to numerous conditions that can occur throughout your body that can be serious or even life-threatening. Here are some consequences to consider:

  • Heart Disease: Research has shown a direct connection between gum disease and heart disease. This includes many serious conditions like heart attacks and strokes.
  • Diabetes: When a person has gum disease and diabetes, it makes each condition more severe. Advanced periodontal disease can raise blood sugar, which makes diabetes more difficult to control. Elevated blood sugar weakens the immune system and makes it tough to fight off oral infections.
  • Respiratory Disease: Oral bacteria can move to your lungs and cause you to contract infections like pneumonia.
  • Complications During Pregnancy: Any infection is a potential threat to a pregnant woman and her child. If bacteria in the gums reach the bloodstream, this is a potential trigger for premature labor and low birthweight.
  • Cancer: Periodontal disease has been linked to cancer located in the kidneys, pancreas, and blood.

The next time you are getting ready to brush your teeth, remember what’s at stake and make some time for flossing in Frisco, too. You’ll have fewer cavities and fresher breath, plus you’ll live longer and feel better along the way!

About the Author

Dr. Brett Amedro earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Michigan. He is a member of the American Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Amedro enjoys helping patients of all ages and he strives to help you have a pleasant dental experience. He will be happy to elaborate on the benefits of flossing during your next dental cleaning and exam, which you can schedule on his website or by calling (970) 668-1010.  

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