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Six Month Smiles – Make a change that could last a lifetime – Clear Braces – Orthodontics for Adults

December 21, 2014

Are you an adult who has concerns on the appearance of your front teeth?  Did you know that “Six Month Smiles” is a clear braces, orthodontic treatment that could straighten your front teeth in about six months?

Think about it, where were you six months ago?  What were you doing?  What have you done since your last teeth cleaning?  In about that time period, you could have had the smile you’ve always wanted. 

Six Month Smiles is an esthetically focused, clear orthodontic system used for adults.  It is not a replacement for comprehensive orthodontics.  It’s designed to achieve your goals of straightening your front teeth in a reasonable amount of time.  Typically treatment times range from 4 to 9 months, with an average being about 6 months.  The treatment focuses on what you want to change about your appearance.  Many times, ideal patients have had comprehensive orthodontics before, but have experienced relapse crowding of their front teeth.  Other times, it’s patients who have esthetic concerns on their front teeth but otherwise have a great bite of their back teeth.  Either way, a free consult will allow you to determine if you a candidate for Six Month Smiles, or if you would need a more comprehensive orthodontic treatment.

Watch the following video called “Changes” and see what can happen in Six Months:

Changes – Six Month Smiles

Call us today for a free consult with Dr. Amedro. Let’s see if Six Month Smiles is a good choice for you.

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Visit www.6monthsmiles.com for more information.

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