Your Delta Dental Dentist in Frisco Explains Insurance Benefits

At Ten Mile Dental, we strive to make every aspect of your care with us as simple as possible – and that includes when it comes time to pay. Our practice is in-network with several major insurance companies, including Delta Dental Premier. Of course, you may have questions about what your benefits actually cover, what you can expect to pay out-of-pocket, and how this entire process actually works. Our knowledgeable team will work with you closely to ensure that you’ve never left in the dark, and we will also file and any all claims on your behalf to help you get the most out of your reimbursement.

What does it mean to be an in-network Delta Dental dentist in Frisco?

As an in-network dentist for Delta Dental Premier, Dr. Amedro has agreed to accept pre-negotiated fees for his dental services. This arrangement is ideal for patients, as their costs will be clear and accurate before any actual treatment begins, and the fees are typically lower as well. While you are still able to utilize your insurance with out-of-network dentists, their costs will be higher and more variable in most cases.

How does my Delta Dental insurance work?

In addition to reduced prices across the board, patients and families with Delta Dental Premier can also expect to receive the following benefits at Ten Mile Dental:

  • Routine preventive care will be covered at 100%. This coverage includes a comprehensive examination, X-rays, and teeth cleanings every six months, which means patients can take advantage twice a year. Preventive dentistry is crucial for patients who want to maintain strong, healthy smiles that last for life.
  • Necessary restorative and emergency care is typically covered by around 60% under the Premier plan, although our team will take the time to confirm these benefits with you before any actual treatment commences. This includes tooth-colored fillings, extractions, root canal treatment, pain relief, and the repair of bridges and dentures.
  • More extensive restorative care, including the initial creation of dentures and bridges, will likely have 30% of their overall cost covered by your plan.

Please also keep in mind that you will need to pay a deductible before receiving access to their benefits and that yearly benefits will be capped somewhere above $1,000, depending on your personal plan.

Any Questions?

If you are still unsure about using dental insurance at your next appointment here in Frisco, CO, please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with our team. All you need to do is bring your insurance card along, and our staff will be able to take a look and confirm your available benefits. Dr. Amedro always enjoys being able to put his patients’ mind at ease about the affordability of their dental care! You are also welcome to provide us with this information over the phone.

At Ten Mile Dental, your personal needs and smile goals will always come first. Our practice features a comprehensive range of services, as well as modern technology and a comfortable, enjoyable atmosphere. We look forward to welcoming you in as our newest patient.