MetLife Dental Insurance Coverage

At Ten Mile Dental, we’re dedicated to helping patients receive the preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services they need without the stress or anxiety that can accompany a visit to a dental office. Cost is one of the things that cause many patients stress, but our Frisco dentist and dental care team can offer patients affordable dentistry services. We can also help you to offset the out of pocket expenses of your treatment by maximizing dental insurance benefits. We are also happy to provide in-network dental insurance coverage for patients with most PPO plans, including MetLife Dental. If you want to learn more about your MetLife policy or need help with your dental insurance coverage, please don’t hesitate to give our Frisco dentistry practice a call. We will be happy to answer your questions, review your policy, and help you make the most of your dental benefit plan.

Your MetLife Plan

Every MetLife dental insurance plan is a contract between a patient and their insurer. The agreement means you will pay MetLife a monthly premium, and in return, you’ll receive coverage for a percentage of the cost of necessary dentistry services. While every plan is different and patients are able to make elections to receive added benefits, you can typically expect to receive some combination of the following coverage:

  • Preventive care - 80 to 100% coverage
  • Restorative treatments – 50 to 80% coverage
  • Orthodontics – 20 to 70% coverage (when elected)
  • Miscellaneous services – 10 to 50% coverage (when elected for services like dental sedation and oral appliances)

Maximizing Your MetLife Dental Insurance

Your first thought when it comes to lowering the out of pocket costs of dental care may not be to visit the dentist more often, but actually, visiting the dentist twice a year for preventive dentistry checkups can save you money. You’ll receive the highest insurance coverage for these visits, and checkups will help you avoid the need for more advanced dental care that has higher out of pocket treatment costs. When you visit our office regularly, our skilled team will partner with you to keep your smile whole and healthy for life.

The Benefits of In-Network Dental Care

Even though PPO dental insurance plans allow patients the flexibility to visit out of network dentistry practices, visiting an in-network dentist may be the simplest way to maximize your insurance benefits. Dentists who are in-network with your insurer have standing agreements to charge the fees deemed fair under your insurance plan. That means you’ll only need to pay the out of pocket percentage of treatment costs. Out of network dentists may charge fees that are higher than those outlined by your benefit provider, but you’ll need to pay the difference in pricing. In most cases, these differences in cost are minimal, but when you choose an in-network dentist, you won’t need to worry about any added fees.