Single-Tooth Implants – Frisco, Colorado

Replace Missing Teeth – Roots & All

Dentist showing patient dental implant model

Whether you’ve lost one tooth or a full row of teeth, the Ten Mile Dental team in Frisco can help you replace lost dental structures and renew your oral health. In order to renew your oral health and dental function, we typically recommend a dental implant tooth replacement plan to replace both your tooth roots and crowns, recreating your healthy, flawless smile. If you’re interested in finding out more about your dental restoration options, call to schedule your tooth replacement consultation with our caring dentist and team today. We’ll review your situation and help you to determine whether or not an implant supported tooth replacement plan is right for you.

Why is Single-Tooth Replacement Important?

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Following the loss of one tooth, many people think they don’t need to replace their missing dental structures – as long as you can’t see the gap when you smile. Unfortunately, even a single missing tooth can dramatically impact your oral health. Some of the common oral health concerns that may occur following tooth loss include:

  • Dental drift – teeth shift to fill the gap in the smile, changing the way your bite functions
  • Risk for damage – remaining teeth receive additional pressure from the bite, leading to increased risk for chips, cracks, and other damage
  • Tissue degeneration – without stimulation from tooth roots, your supportive bone and gum tissues begin to diminish

What is a Single-Tooth Implant?

A single-tooth implant restoration plan utilizes an implant post to support a custom-crafted dental crown. These natural looking and functioning restorations allow us to fully renew your smile and ensure the optimal level of oral health.

How are Single-Tooth Implants Placed?

Animation of dental implant supported crown process

Single-tooth implants are placed over the course of several phases of treatment. The first is the preparation phase. This may include extraction of the damaged or decayed tooth, treatment for oral health concerns like gum disease, and placement of bone or soft tissue grafts to ensure the best chances for successful implant placement. Additionally, we’ll review your medical history, medications, and past surgical experiences to ensure we’re fully prepared to deliver exceptional results. Once the preparation phase of treatment is completed, we’ll place your dental implant post. Once in position, your implant will need time to fuse with the supportive structures before we can attach your custom dental crown. Once the implant is fully fused with supportive bone and gum tissue, we will design, craft, and place your dental crown, delivering a flawless smile.

What are the Benefits of Single-Tooth Implant Restoration?

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While an implant-supported dental crown restoration plan does involve a larger time and financial commitment from patients, there are many reasons why this tooth replacement option is worth the added investment. Some of the many benefits of single-tooth implant restoration include:

  • Long lasting – implant supported dental crowns have a 95% or higher success rate after 20 years, and many patients keep the same restoration for life
  • No hassle – once in place, your implant supported crown will look, feel, and function like your healthy smile – no need for changes to your diet or oral hygiene routines
  • Improved oral health – the implant replaces the lost tooth root structure, ensuring you maintain healthy supportive structures and protect surrounding teeth